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upcoming Camps and Clinics

​​​Elevate Clinic Series

Our 2 day skill based basketball camp will provide skills and team concepts to the school age kids of your school or organization.  Our talented team of trainers will visit your campus or facility and introduce skills and team concepts that we believe will take your athletes and program to the next level.  We will work with your staff to come up a training program that gives your athletes instruction that is specific to your team offenses and defenses.  We can provide three age groups, K-4th, 5-7th and 8-12th grade different levels of training.  Each group would have between 25-35 kids and last 3 hours per group per day.  The time slots, typically,  run 9-12pm, 2-5pm & 6-9pm.  The cost for the camp is $50 per athlete.  

Let our staff help your program start down the path to success by your measure.  Contact us today about scheduling your summer or fall camps today.  The dates are filling up quick.

School Team Skills Camps

Seasonal Multi Day Camps

The 406 Academy, in our mission to build confidence, fitness, and life skills through sports for our Montana athletes, is developing a multi-faceted Clinic Series that will run throughout the year, and touch on a multitude of sports, outside athletic pursuits, nutrition, and overall physical and mental strength.  We are really excited about the possibilities for our ELEVATE CLINIC SERIES.

Each clinic will focus on different aspects of an athlete's’ training that often go undeveloped.  We will endeavour to bring experts from different sports and fields of expertise to engage, educate and encourage your athlete and ELEVATE him or her to a new level of  personal and athletic growth.

Call Us : 406-599-4655

You’ve been working on your game… you’ve been to a few camps… you’ve won big with your team…

Now it’s time to put everything together.  Excel in a team environment.  Shine during individual settings.  Adapt to pressure situations.  The atmosphere will be live and loud.  

Is It Your Time?

When did you decide to train? What will allow you to get to the next level?  What does the next level look like to you?  Your “Time” starts here.

Take your skills to the next level, come learn how to play the way elite level players play the game of basketball.

Typical Camp Schedule

Skill Improvement Day

12:45pm Sign in

1:00pm Opening Remarks

1:15pm Dynamic Stretching

1:30pm Shooting Station Rotations

2:30pm Post Station Rotations

3:30pm Attack Station Rotations

4:30pm Age Group Competitions

4:45pm Closing Remarks

Team Improvement Day

1:00pm Opening Remarks

1:15pm Dynamic Stretching

1:30pm 2 man Station Rotations

2:30pm 3 Man Station Rotations

3:30pm 5 Man Competition Rotations

4:45pm Closing Remarks

Competition Day

1:00pm Opening Remarks

1:15pm Dynamic Stretching

1:30pm Shooting Competition Rotation

2:30pm 3 on 3 Games

3:30pm 5 on 5 Games

4:45pm Closing Remarks