Our Academy Sessions program is our main focus as an Academy.  Our semi-private training sessions focus on overall fundamental skill development.  Each skill set, such as dribbling, shooting & defense, is touched on in virtually every Academy Session.  In addition to the fundamentals, our trainers will focus on footwork, game speed intensity and overall physical development.  We expect that every athlete will make large and small skill improvements each training session.  Our low trainer to student ratio makes it easy to provide one on one coaching to athletes struggling with concepts or skills during the session.  We typically have two trainers at each Academy Session.


Our 4 Levels of Training Programs

Our training staff will place your student / athlete into the appropriate level to maximize his/her growth.

Lil’ Ballers:          This program is designed to increase hand/eye and foot/eye coordination while introducing kids to the                                                      wonderful world of sport. 

Basketball 101:  Focusing on the building blocks of basketball
Basketball 202:  Building on the foundation of 101 and refining the elite skill set.                                                                                                                            
Basketball 303:  College level drills and skill refinement. 


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Basketball Academy Sessions

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