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406 Academy

Our philosophy at the 406 Academy is Every Kid Every Sport.  That is a very simple way to say, we will provide professional, group and private coaching to every athlete regardless of your social, economic, or current situation.  We believe that high quality independent coaches can develop the skills necessary to help athletes achieve their dreams far better than a typical volunteer coach.  The possible conflicts that arise from parent run teams can create unproductive situations.  We eliminate this problem by providing coaches that have every childs best interest at heart.  Every athletes success is our success.


Fundamentals!  406 Baseball is about fundamentals.  The focus for our training methods is simple.  Teach a player how to hit, catch and throw.  These basic concepts can be learned on the playground or a driveway but to master them requires concentrated repetition, focused teaching and positive reinforcement.  Our trainers have been apart of this beautiful game for most of their lives.  Now, they get to help a new generation fall in love with the game.  

How will you improve?

Pitching:  Proper mechanics, warm-up routines, throwing programs, on-field drills and mental strength

Hitting:  Proper mechanics, mental approach, plate discipline, situational hitting and bunting

Catching:  Receiving, blocking, throwing/footwork mechanics and game calling

Fielding:  Proper mechanics, footwork, defensive positioning, cutoffs and relays and infield/outfield communication

Base Running:  Primary and secondary leads, jumps, steal keys, situational rules and sliding techniques

We understand that no two athletes are the same, therefore no two training programs should be the same. With specialized instruction, low athlete-to-coach ratios and an encouraging training environment, every athlete will get the level of attention required to improve their skill level.

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